Sunday, June 28, 2015

Canal du Midi, Part Deux, Carcassone

We spent two nights in Carcassone.  So much to see in this lovely town.  The Old Cite is very special.

Espresso break!

Glace (ice cream) break!

Learning about the castle.

Waiting for the bus.

And then there was this.... 
trying to fish out Peter's cell phone.  
It was lost to the depths of Canal du Midi for good...

Our Motley Crew.

Picnic lunch on the boat after shopping at the local farmers market.  Gorgeous vegetables, fruits, cheeses, salami's and bread.  Yum.

Little nap after the picnic.

We went to a medieval play...

... and Daddy got called to participate.  He was a knight; complete with chain mail armor.

The girls LOVED seeing Daddy up there.

After the play they were able to see and hold the old weaponry.  "It's soooo heavy, Mommy!"

Sometimes we had a lot of onlookers going in and out of the locks.

To keep Daddy company while he was working at the captain's wheel.

There were many sweet little villages to wonder in along the canal.

Coloring time!

Peter forgot his hat!

One night the girls slept on deck with Daddy.  

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